Our Dedication

FERKUMA has a long and wide experience in the field of the execution, treatment, maintenance, conservation and repair of rigid pavements, mainly in the airport, port and roads. Although our origins mostly come from the airport public works, its staff also counts and provides a consolidated experience in other related fields:

Execution, treatment and maintenance of concrete pavements in public works other than airports, such as roads, ports, etc ….
Maintenance and repair of structural damage, degradation and any other damage in all types of concrete structures
Execution of electrical conduits and services in public works of roads, tunnels, urbanizations and distribution networks
Marketing, distribution and advice of special chemical products for use in concrete, such as organic and inorganic sealants, primers for maintenance and repair of concrete, curing treatments, etc …
Maintenance of public lighting in cities
Concrete stretching on parking platforms, roads, ports, etc …
Beacon installation at aerodromes
Plumbing for fiber optic installation


Within this division, our company is a leader in very specific and professional tasks such as the execution, maintenance, treatment and repair of areas in rigid pavements, such as aircraft parking, such as the Maintenance of Adolfo Suarez Airport (Madrid ), as well as in the required beaconing activities continuously on the aerodromes' runways and runways, executing rozas in firings, buoying combs, registration chests, drainage, beacon placement, conduits for primary and secondary cables, etc. Always within the airport environment.


We execute all kinds of specific activities in the construction, maintenance, treatments, extended and repair of rigid pavements in public and private works, execution and maintenance in flexible pavements of roads, roads, buildings, etc., contributing our experience in these works . Our range of activities is very wide.


In order to adapt to European regulations our cities have to undertake actions to improve and channel public lighting installations, in this case Ferkuma is in charge of certain tasks in cities as important as Madrid and Barcelona. The compaction of the existing pavements of the great avenues of the city becomes essential for the maintenance of the good state and to guarantee the fluidity of the traffic. For the same reason, different public infrastructures, need the adaptation and standardization for the adaptation to the disabled users so that our company is dedicated to the rehabilitation and conservation of the same.


Marketing of sealants, primers, cured, episodic resins, etc., and all kinds of chemical products intended for the treatment and sealing of fixtures and structural elements.