Get to know us

FERKUMA was born as a company within the construction sector, focusing mainly on highly specialized activities within the civil works. The area where we run our activities range from roads and highways, flight tracks and taxiways to parking platforms, and maintenance works in large cities. All these activities, carried out at any point both nationally and internationally, thanks to an infrastructure and a human team that make it possible. Ferkuma works for all types of clients, both public and private, among which are the great constructors and installers of our country, as well as main official estates, among which AENA stands out, and the municipalities of our main cities, having for this purpose with a team of highly qualified professionals, capable of solving any customer demand, and performing the works entrusted with the highest degree of compliance in both quality and time. In the development of the works Ferkuma applies the most modern and effective work systems as well as the most advanced technologies, in order to obtain a quality product and paying special attention to the commitment to sustainability, natural resources, the urban landscape and the environment. In a continuous process of expansion, Ferkuma consolidates its presence both nationally and internationally, expanding new activities to give a greater service to our clients. The objective of our company is to offer adequate solutions, responding with seriousness and efficiency, adapting our knowledge and resources to the specifications of each project, and to present the most advantageous alternative solutions.

Ferkuma Maquinaria

FERKUMA MAQUINARIA, is a Spanish company that does not belong to any business group. Its almost twenty years of experience, serve to consolidate an eminent position in the market, articulated by the diversification of its activity in different lines of business.

We present ourselves with absolute confidence in our possibilities as your strategic ally and we can provide a service that increases customer satisfaction and also makes it possible to increase the economic benefits thanks to our reduced costs.

Its greatest asset is human capital


Its greatest asset is human capital; a team of high professionalism and experience, able to undertake the most complex and committed projects, all within a dynamic organizational structure.

The long experience of its managers make FERKUMA a perfect companion for its clients in the implementation of specialized services, based on the quality of our technology and knowledge, which allows us to provide a robust and safe service.

We have our own human resources: Professionals, multi-technology and with high content of “Know How”, in permanent formation, well paid and well equipped

Our business model

Our business model is based on the integration of our manufacturers, specialized personnel and technical personnel, all of them fully competent in each of their department, to direct any project that is completely successful, both for the client and for us.

The active protocols in our line of business are based on the following premises:

High competitiveness:


Reduced overheads

Prices adjusted to the client

Own staff

Controlled growth;

No risks to the customer

Concept of “cell” with “locality”

Our objectives

Vocation to offer the most appropriate solutions to get your customers to achieve the objectives that have been marked, within their needs.

Specialization, both of our personnel, and of the necessary technology, for the performance of certain jobs that require specific resources.

Our projects are treated in a very responsible way, from the development of methodologies and systems, guaranteeing the perfect execution of them.

Professionalism, creativity and motivation of all our human team, to obtain a high innovative and quality capacity.

We are an effective and reliable partner for our clients and collaborators.

We create value-added services and offer a customized product tailored to the customer.

We are based on a system that facilitates integration and equal opportunities.